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Ямало-Ненецкий автономный округ
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Top news Ural Federal District: Vladimir Putin, NLMK, VSMPO

December 7 – December 13

Vladimir Putin made a one-day visit to Sverdlovsk Region. He had enough time to see the newest tank model at a fire range near Nizhny Tagil, to hold a meeting and visit a railroad construction facility in Verkhnaya Pyshma. A private aircraft crashed in Chelyabinsk. Tyumen published its Seven Wonders List. Learn more in the weekly overview by UralPolit.Ru.

Vladimir Putin made a one-day visit to Sverdlovsk Region. He had enough time to see the newest tank model at a fire range near Nizhny Tagil, to hold a meeting and visit a railroad construction facility in Verkhnaya Pyshma. A private aircraft crashed in Chelyabinsk. Tyumen published its Seven Wonders List. Learn more in the weekly overview by UralPolit.Ru.

Sverdlovsk Region 

NLMK opens new company in Ekaterinburg

Novolipetsk Steel JSC (NLMK) has registered a new affiliate company NLMK-Sort in Ekaterinburg on December 4, 2009. 100% of shares of NLMK-Sort belong to Novolipetsk Steel.

Olga Naumova has been appointed CEO of the new company. At the moment she holds the position of Bar Iron and Hard Components Director at NLMK. Affiliate company has been established to raise effectiveness of bar iron products management of NLMK Group.

Putin visits Sverdlovsk Region

Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin made a working visit to Sverdlovsk Region last week. On December 8 he went to see one of the largest defense industry enterprises of the country, UralVagonZavod. Administration of the factory welcomed the Prime Minister with a show of the newest modernized tank model T-90A at a shooting range Staratel near Nizhny Tagil. Barrage fire was also demonstrated.

After the show Vladimir Putin inspected workshops of UVZ, held a meeting covering prospective development of the defense complex and promised to allot 10 billion rubles of subsidies to UVZ. He also learnt anti-recession program of Nizhny Tagil.

Prime Minister’s visit finished in Verkhnaya Pyshma, a suburb of Ekaterinburg, where Putin came to see Ural Plant of Railway Machine-Building and was presented an electric locomotive named after United Russia political party.

Roads condition

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin fired deputy director of the Road Management Administration, a regional state body in charge of all roads in the region. The reason for dismissal was provided by the bad condition of regional roads.

On the way to Nizhny Tagil governor of the region noticed how badly cleaned and poorly maintained the roads were, and promised to fire the person who was in charge of that sphere of work.

New Customs Office

Ural Customs Administration reviewed a request of the Corporation VSMPO-Avisma and decided to open a subdivision of Nizhny Tagil Customs Office in Verkhnaya Salda, the Corporation’s headquarters. When the subdivision is open, the procedure of drawing export-import papers will be much less complicated. It is planned to open the Customs Office on December 31, 2009.

Chelyabinsk Region

Violations at night clubs

Following tragic events in Perm’s night club (over 100 people died of severe burns), authorities of Chelyabinsk Region started thorough check-up of fire regulations compliance at the local night clubs. Many violations have already been disclosed: evacuation paths are barred, small dancing halls, narrow passages. Often there are no windows in the club halls because they are located in basements of buildings. Worst of all, staff members of the clubs usually are not aware of what to do when it is fire.


Governor of Chelyabinsk Region assigned a number of officials to governmental positions. Thus, Vladimir Elistratov became the minister of industry of Chelyabinsk Region, he used to be acting minister. Nikolai Mehschikok was appointed general director of South Ural Corporation of Home Construction and Mortgage. Marina Poddubnaya was assigned to be the Head the Department of print media and mass communications.

Governor Pyotr Sumin also approved the decision of ex-mayor of Marnitogorsk to resign.

Ex-mayor of Karabash case 

Ex-mayor of Karabash who is accused of bribery will not be let out of detention on bale. Originally the court appointed 1 million rubles of bale, but the prosecutor service disagreed and applied to Chelyabinsk Regional Court for support. Therefore all materials of the case were passed over to the Central District Court of Chelyabinsk and Mussa Dzugaev stayed in the detention facility.

Air crash 

Private airplane SM-92T (produced by Smolensk Aircraft Plant) crashed at 11.02 a.m. near Chelyabinsk on December 13, 2009. It was a training flight for parachute jumpers. There were eight people on board – pilot, instructor and 6 parachute jumpers. All people died. Criminal investigation is in process.

Tyumen Region

Seven Wonders

Urengoi gas condensate field became the winner of a competition held by the local telecommunications company Region-Tyumen. The competition “Seven Wonders of Tyumen Region” followed suit of Russia-wide contest “Seven Wonders of Russia”. Urengoi field is unique being the largest gas condensate field located on a continent that has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Local jury selected the following wonders in Tyumen Region: Urengoi gas condensate field, Kremlin of Tobolsk, the river Ob, the bridge over Ob in Surgut, Abalak complex, the first oil well at Samotlor oil pool, and Polar Ural. Awarding ceremony took place in Tyumen on December 12, 2009.

Skating ring 

A large skating arena was opened last week in Tyumen. This is the first large-scale social construction project accomplished solely by private investors, noted governor of the region Vladimir Yakushev. The opening ceremony featured a number of high-profile guests: governor of Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev, mayor of Tyumen Evgeny Kuivashev, vice-president of TNK-BP Management, local branch director of TNK-BP Siberia, president of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak, and CEO of Particom Managing Company, which accomplished this project.

Kurgan Region


Kurgan Regional Duma deputies set the date for the next regional elections. Deputies of the Regional Duma will be elected on March 14, 2010.

City Duma of Kurgan adopted draft budget for 2010 in the first reading. Earnings of the city budget are planned to make 3.26 billion rubles next year, expenses are estimated at 3.26 billion rubles.

GAZ Group 

Federation of Labor Unions of Kurgan Region requests that the managing director of KAVZ (Kurgan’s Bus Plant, part of GAZ Group) withdraws his order to reduce production volumes and lay off certain number of people by March 2010. Such an order was issued on December 3, 2009. Many of the people who might be laid-off are labor union members.

The Quality of Kurgan 

Regional Duma deputies also summed up results of implementation of the new law on quality and safety of food. 22 enterprises have received the right to label 405 different food products with the mark The Quality of Kurgan. The Quality of Kurgan Club started work in April 2009 and held 6 meetings since that time. A unified trading site was developed in the Internet. Starting December this year mobile exhibitions and presentations of the label will be shown in various parts and towns of the region.

Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District


Yugra and Yamal celebrated the 79th anniversary from the date of official formation as regions of Russia. Celebration ceremony took place on December 10, 2009 gathering many top-profile state officials from the State Duma and other regions of the country.

In Yugra however celebrations were somewhat marred by the fact that 52 schoolchildren in Nefteyugansk were hospitalized that same day with acute food poisoning symptoms.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

Future governor 

United Russia deputies presented their list of candidates for the post of the governor of Yamal. The list includes current governor Yury Neelov, vice-governor Viktor Kazarin, head of Purovsky municipal district Dmitry Kobylkin, and general director of Gazpromkomplektatsia LLC Igor Fedorov.

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